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corrugated metal panel roll forming machine detail introduction

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Author : li ping
Update time : 2021-01-08 15:27:16

corrugated metal panel roll forming machine detail introduction

Use galvanized steel sheet or color steel sheet or aluminum sheet of different colors as raw materials.The products produced are used for construction.Roof and wall panels on the outside of a house.As well as interior decoration board or ceiling, etc.To increase the beauty and durability of the roof or wall.

This machine adopts flower scissors to cut, and the formed products are more beautiful than flat scissors. Self programming, touch screen control. The operation interface is simple and easy to use. The frame of the whole machine is made of National Standard H steel. The wheel is processed more accurately by two lathes. Other parts (screws, chains, bearings, etc.) are of high quality brands. The unit includes: forming host, hydraulic station, forming shear and control box.

There is no limit on the length of the production line, and multiple groups of different data can be set on the computer controller according to the construction requirements. After one key "confirm", the device will automatically produce finished products of different lengths according to the data set by the computer.