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The operation of colored steel glazed tile roll forming machine

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Author : li ping
Update time : 2021-03-20 16:37:45
The operation of colored steel glazed tile roll forming machine
There are many parameters for glazed tile press, which need to be set by text screen,

There are two kinds of parameter setting: equipment parameter and user parameter setting.

The equipment parameters are:

The single pulse length, overshoot, press distance, pressing time, cutting time, etc.

User parameters are:

Number of sheets, length, main section, last section, pitch, number of sections, etc.

The control system of the tile press can also complete the single board cutting function.

Normal automatic production does not need to first, but to advance, press, cut completed.

The precision is high, and the shear precision of each piece is less than + -0.2mm, which meets the process requirements.

The executive part includes inverter drive motor and hydraulic station motor,

Two hydraulic solenoid valves of pressure type and two hydraulic solenoid valves for cutter.

The detection part includes:

Pulse encoder for detecting the length of color steel tile, and up and down travel switch of pressure type,

The up and down travel switch of cutter, the up and down operation button of press type,

Up and down travel button of cutter, emergency stop switch,

The text screen such as hydraulic start stop switch can complete parameter setting,

Alarm display, help information, production data display, etc.